Winter Fun Resulting In Serious Consequences


People sometimes have to get creative to find a way to have some fun outside of the house.
But one popular winter pastime could get you into some trouble if you don’t play by the rules.

We talked with local police about the consequences of donuts, and no, we’re not the breakfast treat. 

For some doing donuts is all part of winter fun. But this staple could get you in trouble if you’re not in the right place. 

If you are doing donuts on private property you could be in trouble.

“Well first of all you are trespassing. That is the first problem right off the bat. Second of all, you may be creating damage. If you are creating damage then that is criminal mischief. Those are two charges right off the bat, without you maybe even meaning to do so,”says Ryan Adamson, THPD PIO.
The trouble with doing donuts is that most of the time you need a large empty area, like a parking lot, which typically lands you on private property. Even if it is after business hours, you could still get in trouble.

“It can be reckless driving if you’re putting somebody in danger, whether it be the people in your vehicle or people outside of your vehicle,” says Adamson.

Then there is the safety issue, which is enforceable regardless of where you are.
“If it is on your own property, you do what you want. As long as it is not endangering people. If it is endangering people in your vehicle or people around you, you still can’t do that on your own property,” says Adamson.

The simple act of doing donuts is not technically against the law.

“All this stuff can be evaluated, and will be evaluated, on a case by case basis,” says Adamson.

But if you are going to test the ropes, it is advised that you check all your p’s and q’s before you go for a ride.

Donuts are commonly done in the evening and the places that reportedly see the most activity are schools, parks, and businesses, all of which could be considered trespassing if you don’t have prior permission.

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