Winds Bring Down Limbs


Many around the Wabash Valley had an un-planned clean-up job today following Tuesday night’s gusty winds.

Folks found themselves picking up limbs and debris.
It was a raucous morning for residents near White Oak Lane in Terre Haute, but at least the weather’s temperment was much calmer than Tuesday night.

“The winds were extrememly strong, about 7 o’clock it really got windy, and I heard all kinds of branches on the roof and limbs… I couldn’t tell you the gust, but it was more than 25 or 30 miles an hour,” Larry Roznowski said.

Forty miles per hour was the wind gust high in Terre Haute Tuesday night.

It left many tree limbs broken, trash barrels knocked over and even trees blocking roadways.

“I sent a chipper crew up here to get the road clear so people can get through,” Street Dept. Supervisor Orvel Woolard said.

The Terre Haute Street Department responded to two emergency situations on Wednesday both related to blocked streets, otherwise residents found themselves on pick-up duty.

And it’s not often that we see weather like this.

“When you have a tree in your back deck in your townhouse and it was waving like crazy, it kind of made me nervous at the time,” Larry said.

I talked to a couple of private tree services today who tell me they didn’t respond to a lot of calls today. They say it was mostly limbs that residents’ can pick up on their own. Split Limbs in West Terre Haute told me they did respond to a tree on a trailer in Clinton.

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