Wind advisory for most of the viewing area this today starting at 3pm. Current winds are beginning to pick up. Wind gust for this afternoon will peak late afternoon in the 40’s. Strong winds continue as the front passes and begin to die down following the front. Current temps are in the upper 30’s. About 15 degrees warmer than at this point yesterday. We are tracking the wind advisory today and warmer temps today, more seasonal temps next week, and several chances of rain. Thick clouds across the area today. Light rain moving in along the frontal boundary. Looking at only 1/10 inch or less. Clear for the day Saturday and Sunday. Monday we will see the beginning of several waves of rain. First round will move through late afternoon/early evening Monday and persist through Tuesday morning. That will clear out and make room for a brief round to move in around midnight Tuesday. Yet another round of rain will then move in Wednesday evening. Today, high of 52, cloudy and windy. Tonight, low of 33, and light rain. Tomorrow, sunny and a high of 38. Seasonal temps next week. Along with a chance of rain Monday through Thursday.