Two people are in the Sullivan County Jail tonight, after what started as a wildlife violation turned into a drug bust.

On Tuesday, August 21st, Indiana Conservation Officers were investigating a residence at 8625 W. Parke Street in Merom, on a complaint of harboring wild animals inside the home.

Officials say the homeowner has been issued previous warnings regarding the animals and that there were reports of potential drug use in the presence of children inside the home.

Authorities from the Indiana Department of Child Services were also called out to the residence for investigation.

Upon arrival, officers met with the property owner, 33-year-old Shalee Carlock, and 59-year-old Charles Scott Jr. inside the home.

Officials say the officers found two raccoons eating from a pan on the kitchen floor and several drug paraphernalia items in plain sight.

With suspicions of more drug violations, a search warrant was issued by the Sullivan Superior Court.

Upon further investigation of the residence, police found more drug paraphernalia items and approximately 12 grams of meth.

Carlock and Scott Jr. were taken into custody and transported to the Sullivan County Jail. They each face felony charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia and maintaining a common nuisance with children under the age of 18.

The children at the residence were released to the care of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Conservation Officers transported the raccoons to an animal rehabilitation center.