INDIANA (WANE) — Zombies are making a comeback in our everyday media through shows and even features in Haunted Houses as part of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, it leaves many asking the question ‘Would I survive a zombie apocalypse?’

In short, it may depend more on the state you live in rather than your ability to hold your own in a zombie fight. According to the states more likely to survive are based on 4 factors; population density, percentage of the state’s electricity from solar, state agricultural production and finally the volume of Ramen and Mountain Dew in the state.

The rationale for these 4 factors is simple, higher population means more undead people, the ability to live off the land, electricity can come from the sun and finally, the ideal survival food according to Zombieland.

Now you may be wondering what states faired the best in case a zombie-inducing disease begins. Well, your best options may be across the midwest, with the best state to set up base in being North Dakota, which holds the most potential when it comes to farming. The other states rounding out the top ten list are; South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Nevada, Kansas, Utah, Arkansas, Vermont and finally Wyoming at number 10.

Those on the East Coast did not fair as well, as most states fell victim to the apocalypse due to high population and low farming per capita averages. The state most likely to be overtaken by the undead population was New Jersey, which is 11 times less likely to survive an apocalypse. The other states offering the worst results are; Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Pennsylvania, Washington, and New Hampshire.

Where does Indiana factor in this? Indiana is ranked 17 on the list earning a score of 45.32. This ranking is most likely impacted by Indiana’s solar energy only bringing in 1.5% of the state’s total energy and by Indiana’s population density which is around 180 people per square mile. While Indiana is ranked nationally as number 10 for agricultural production a farm can only stretch so far when surviving in a zombie apocalypse.