(WATCHING WINTER LIVE) — Winter is not done with us yet as the outlook includes multiple rounds of snow for the Upper Great Lakes and Northeast over the next ten days, however, we’ve got an eye on spring including a big change to the overarching national weather pattern.

WGN’s Chip Brewster and FOX59 meteorologist Beth Finello discussed what remains of the winter season with meteorological spring less than one week away (Mar. 1) and the spring equinox only 25 days away (Mar. 20). See the full Watching Winter Live in the video above.

While the major winter system from the past few days falls apart across the Northeast, another precipitation-heavy pattern is setting up just off the West Coast. Current modeling shows a similar line of movement across the Upper Plains to the Northeast, once again bringing snow to the northern states and rain to the South early next week.

It doesn’t end there as the long-range outlook shows the chance of yet another snow / rain maker right behind it. All in all next week looks to be an active week of weather. Readers are advised to regularly check-in with their local meteorological team to see how the forecast firms up.

WTWO Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker took to Facebook live Wednesday night to discuss the potential storms coming to the Wabash Valley over the next few weeks.

Topics on this week’s show included:

  • Hazards from current and upcoming major storm systems
  • Big temperature differences are in store
  • A relatively calm weekend followed by a very week
  • La Niña is coming to an end – what that means for our weather
  • The spring (yes, spring!) outlook

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