FARMERSBURG, Ind (WTWO/WAWV) – Did you know if you get enough wet snow in the right amount it can collapse your roof?
Snow weigh, you say? Yes, weigh. Here are the numbers.
Let’s start with fluffy snow and a ratio of 15-to-1, meaning you need 15-inches of snow to equal 1-inch of melted precipitation. This weighs four-point-one pounds per square foot. No problem.
Let’s up that to a normal snow ratio of 10-to-1. That’s six-point-two pounds per square foot. Again, no big deal.
How about a wet snow with a ratio of 5-to-1? That weighs in at 12-point-five pounds per square foot.
Now. let’s factor in how much snow we get. This is where it gets interesting.
12-inches of fluffy snow covering the roof of a 1500-square foot house weighs more than 62-hundred-pounds, about the size of a full-size pickup. You’re roof is okay.
A heavier normal snow will weigh in at more than 93-hundred-pounds. That’s equivalent to a pickup and a car.
12-inches of heavy, wet snow and we’re looking at nearly 19-thousand-pounds on your roof. Three pickup trucks.
Most roofs can withstand 20-pounds per square foot.
Now let’s go big time snow of two-feet.
Fluffy snow? More than 12-thousand pounds on your roof.
A normal snow of two-feet and your looking at nearly 19-thousand pounds. You’re still well below the worry zone.
Two-feet of wet snow and we’ve have a problem. That’s more than 37-thousand pounds. Twenty-five pounds per square foot on a roof made to handle 20 pounds.
So, if you want a lot of snow, hope for fluffy or normal.