FARMERSBURG, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — A storm front coming through the country could bring severe weather to the Wabash Valley Friday.

Tuesday evening the storm was located over the coast of Oregon. The severe weather is expected to impact a reported 66 million people as the system moves from the west coast and across the nation. Locals should expect to see impacts from the system Friday evening.

WTWO’s Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker said the system brings with it the possibility for strong to severe thunderstorms, but the most severe weather looks like it will remain west of the viewing area with Missouri expected to be hit the hardest. However, as the storm continues to develop that could change as we get closer to Friday.

“The Colorado State University Machine-Learning Probabilities Prediction map shows what I’ve talked about in my last 2 videos. The highest risk of severe storms and the hatched area (significant severe) area are just west of here for Friday. Something I’ll be watching as we get closer,” Walker said.

Southern winds will bring a slight warmup Thursday ahead of Friday’s weather. Friday’s late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms will arrive across the area, peaking in the late to overnight hours.

By Saturday morning the storms will have moved out of the area with colder air coming in behind the storm

The Storm Prediction Center has a huge “Enhanced Risk” of severe weather possible for Friday and Friday night. They have 66 million people highlighted in the total risk area of “Marginal to Slight to Enhanced.”

Chief Meteorologist Jesse Walker took to Facebook Live Tuesday night to explain in more detail how the storm is expected to impact the Wabash Valley. View that video below;

Continue to follow’s weather page for updates as the storm front continues to develop heading toward Friday.