Water Levels Dropping in the Valley


The Wabash River is getting lower. 

“Right now the official measurement for the Wabash River is one foot,” Brendan Kearns said. “What that means is that it’s a very lower river.”

For a little over a month the Wabash River has been measuring under 2 feet causing problems for farmers.

“That’s not good for the farmers that farm along the river bottoms because it’s not getting enough seed water from the river to help keep and nourish the crops,” Kearns said.  

Vigo county has been abnormally dry for the months  August and September due to lack of rain not only in the Wabash Valley but the state. 

More than two thirds of all rivers in Indiana flow into the Wabash River, and with the lack of rain, the water level has dropped. 
But just because the river is lower doesn’t mean you should try and cross it. 

“So just because you hear that it’s a one foot river it does not mean that you can walk safely from bank to bank,” Kearns said. “You could have a hole or a channel area that’s 7 plus feet deep and it could be absolutely devastating to anybody that tries this. So when the water level is low, it’s not a good time to come out and make it a beach day on the Wabash without exactly knowing were you are.” 

And the Wabash River is not the only body of water effected by the lack of rain. 

Park county is in a moderate drought.

“This years been a weird,” Colten Lambermont said. “We’ve had a lot of abnormal heavy rain earlier in the year from kind of April, May, June even July. Just the rain wouldn’t stop this year. So we had a lot of people that couldn’t come cause of flooding and that’s always disappointing. And then we got into the end of the year and the rain just quit. Somebody just shut it off and it didn’t rain again.”

Colten Lambermont and family have been running and operating Sugar Valley Canoe Trip since 1983 and says weather always affects their business. 

“The creek is a little low, light now it’s always kind of low this time of year,” Lambermont said. “Probably a few inches lower than it typically is. So the father upper stream you go it will be lower so we will shut that trip off. Then when the water gets low we will just run the down stream sections which is our 10 mile, 6 mile and 3 mile.”

But there are benefits to the water being lower.

“The crowds are a lot smaller so you get a little bit more privacy on the creek, the leaves are starting to change, so you get a lot of beautiful scenery so there’s definitely some advantages,” Lambermont said. 

One thing to look out for while on the water are rocks, trees and yes car in the Wabash River. Because of low tides you are more likely to hit the structures with your boat. 

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