Warehouse Blaze Housed Wood Chips and Pallets


A massive warehouse fire is under control.

Around noon Saturday the Terre Haute Fire Department responded to the blaze.

A call from a neighboring business potentially saved man hours and resources of the Terre Haute Fire Department.

Fire Chief Jeff Fisher says the fire began in the back of the building.

Thanks to a fire wall, the blaze didn’t spread to the rest of the building.

Firefighters high and low battle the warehouse blaze.

The fire took place just off of 13th Street, on the south side of Terre Haute.

This warehouse isn’t just an empty old building.

After speculation of what was inside, officials say the warehouse is used for making wood chips and wood pallets.

Something fire uses as an accelerator.

“It’s a big bonfire,” says Chief Jeff Fisher. “These wood chips, they burn quickly and hot. It’s just like having a match inside a matchbox. So we’re dumping a lot of water on this fire inside there. We’re not letting anybody go in. So what we’re doing now is just making sure we get a lot of water inside there on the top and bottom floor.”

Fire chief Fisher says that they had to pull everyone to that fire, but he did stress that the city was still protected.

Reserve firemen came to the houses stationed all over the city just in case another fire was to break out.

At the time of the fire, workers were inside the building, but they immediately called 911 and left the building.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the blaze. 

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