War On Drugs Growing Faster Than It Can Be Fought


The latest arrest in the war on drugs happened Thursday in Cloverdale, based on the pattern police say it won’t be long until there is another.
Law enforcement is experiencing a new set of challenges in tackling the drug epidemic in that it is growing faster than they can make arrests.
Agencies around the Valley report making significant drug arrests daily and that isn’t just for one substance.
They tell WTWO News the problem continues to get worse as the drugs become more accessible.

Poverty and the opioid epidemic are large contributing factors to the issue.
But as the culture of drugs becomes more common the problem continues to rise.
Many agencies now have specific task forces that are honing in on specific substances to try and cut the crime.
Experienced officers say the epidemic we are currently facing has happened over the course of a decade.
“I think everyday that we come to work someone has some kind of new drug concoction that is causing havoc around the United States. The one thing that we have noticed a lot in the recent years is that people are willing to try just about anything,” says Indiana State Police Sgt. Joe Watts.

Recently, law enforcement agencies have been working to get grants that allow overtime hours and special projects that allow them to focus on drug busts in places like hotels and on interstates. It is drug interdiction programs like this that police say make the most progress in the fight to get drugs off the streets.

They say through these programs most of their arrests are of local citizens who are buying, selling, or using. One of the largest challenges in controlling the epidemic is that meth, marijuana, heroine, and pills are all on the rise, causing agencies to have to focus on multiple substances at a time.

The drug task force in Vigo County operates daily and are continually updating their tactics to increase busts.

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