Walking With Purpose


3,500 miles that’s the distance between Manhattan Beach, California and Boston, Massachusetts. A journey that Kevin Fern is walking, for a cause he believes in.

“We want to raise awareness for childhood cancer camps. Those are camps for children when they get diagnosed with cancer that they can go to. Two, is raising money and funds for those camps,” says Kevin Fern. 

Kevin Fern is a cancer survivor himself. So, what’s been just as important as the walk for him is the iv pole that he carries with him.

“The IV pole was a connection to being sick and cancer for me and it really was not something that I liked.” said Fern.

Also, coming along for the trip are wristbands with cancer patients names written on them. Fern says this is symbolic of carrying their cancer with him.

“We carry that child’s name all the way to Boston where this will be left in Boston children’s hospital,” fern says.

While Kevin walks, his wife Carol works hard behind the scenes to make sure that her husband is safe and successful.

“I’m an engineer so i sort of love logistics and putting things together but I had not envisioned that I would have to be doing crime statistics in cities that we go through to create safe paths,” says Carol Fern.

All of the hard is working is paying off as this journey and message continues to bring people together.

“It is so heart-warming to actually be a part of this  and be able to meet people along the way,” said Carol Fern.

Kevin and Carol still have some time left on their journey. They are expected to make it to Boston’s Children Hospital during the month of November.

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