Five courageous veterans are visiting Sullivan County this week for some hunting and fishing. While it’s a fun get-away for the men. For the rest of us, it’s a reminder to thank those who serve.

“Everyone faces obstacles in life. The differences with us, our obstacles are just a little bit higher, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get over them,” said retired First Sergeant Daniel Wallace.

Wallace is one of five blind or visually impaired veterans invited to Sullivan County this week. All the men lost their sight from combat wounds, or combat related injuries. Local veteran Lonnie Bedwell organized the hunting and fishing trip to the Wabash Valley. 

“Everyone around me said exactly. What?! They were kinda amazed, astonished. How does that work when you can’t see what you’re shooting at,” said Bedwell.

Much to the dismay of the turkey population around here, it works very well.

“I hear the word disabled all the time. Understand it. Appreciate it. Respect it. In a lot of ways I don’t like it. Not able is what it means. We’re totally able,” said Bedwell.

Some of the men use I-phones attached to their rifle scopes that enable them to focus on the target. But when you get beyond the sport, it’s about a sense of family. A place to belong.

Eric Marts/Retired Master Sergeant “This event has been extraordinary, for the fact that it just started out as veterans talking to each other and helping each other, getting an idea,” said retired Master Sergeant Eric Marts.

“The outpouring, the support from the community is just, it’s been phenomenal. Very humbling,” said Wallace.

The vets came from all over the Midwest including Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota.