Vigo Jail 100 Over Max Capacity


The Vigo County jail reached an all-time record high of inmates.

Max capacity is slated at 268, which is a problem, because Vigo County’s current inmate count is 370. The jail is currently operating over capacity, even after the help of surrounding counties.

39 new arrests this past weekend contributed to the spike in numbers.

Of the 370 total inmates, 295 of them are housed in Vigo County jail, which is still well above the ACLU cap of 268.

75 inmates are being housed in neighboring jails, including Parke, Sullivan, Knox, and Daviess County. This comes at a cost to tax payers and the Vigo County sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Ewing says it’s costing over $2,600 per day for room and board just to house Vigo inmates in other facilities.That number does not include any medical expenses, and according to Sheriff Ewing, this daily cost will continue to increase.

“I’m going to spend over one million dollars in housing prisoners in other counties. That’s a million dollars of tax payers–Vigo County tax payers’ money that’s going to our neighboring counties,” says Sheriff Ewing.

It’s clear that a long-term solution is needed to house all inmates in Vigo County. Sheriff Ewing says the issue of over-crowding speaks to the need of expanding the Vigo County jail.

How do they decide which inmates to send to neighboring counties, and which stay here in Vigo County?

This is prioritized based on which inmates will be waiting the longest. They keep people in Vigo County who have a better chance of getting out sooner in order to maximize the resources spent on transporting inmates to other counties.

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