It’s been more than a month since two Indiana teens were murdered along a trail in Carroll County, but the crime remains unsolved.

Following thousands of community tips, police continue to search for their suspect.

In the meantime, a task force is looking at ways to beef up the trail’s security.

That includes adding security cameras and putting numbers on the benches so visitors always know exactly where they are.

Here in Vigo County adding cameras is not an option, but that doesn’t mean safety is ignored.

Vigo County has hundreds of acres of parks and wilderness areas with a variety of trails.

Some are paved for accessibility like some in Fowler Park.

Others are more white gravel or more terrain ridden.

Officials from the parks department say, when it comes to safety “you” are the best defense.

“We want to encourage people to get off the beaten pathway, right?,” says Kara Kish. “And go see the parks through the trails because you can really get connected with nature.”

Getting connected with nature is what a park is all about.

“Well, I used to do a lot of walking until I had back problems,” says trail visitor Robert Romanelly. “But I never found too many problems. Like I said, things have changed in society and you just don’t know anymore.”

As society changes, organizations evolve with it.

In the Vigo County park system, three parks: Prairie Creek, Hawthorne and Fowler all have resident caretakers.

If you ever find yourself in an un-safe situation “that is another person, on sight, that you can reach out to,” says Kish. “And the caretakers homes are signed so that you can get there from anywhere in the park.”

While Vigo County parks may not have cameras on every trail, they do take safety very seriously.

“We do have the Sheriff’s that patrol our parks,” says Kish. “So they are a presence within our parks and it is on their routes to pull through the park.”

When on the trails, personal initiative for your own safety should be your main concern.

“It really does come down to personal protection,” says Kish. “Making sure that you are taking every precaution that you can and taking care of yourself when you are out on those trails.”

“You know, you have to play it safe,” says Romanelly. “You know, take a small can of pepper spray, a whistle, or something like that. That’s also a deterrent.”

All the parks across the county do close at dark.

Which means no one is allowed inside the park once night falls.

Other tips to remember:

Always have a charged cell phone on you.

And always let someone know where you are, who you’re with, and when you expect to be back.

Vigo County parks do have part-time and full-time employees who can be found on the grounds.

Police are still searching for a suspect in the Delphi case.