Vigo County poll workers to receive first pay raise since 2008


Poll workers in Vigo County haven’t received a pay raise since 2008, and officials worry the small pay is causing poll employment numbers to dwindle.

A poll inspector in Vigo County serves their community for 12 to 14 hours on Election Day.

Inspectors walk away from their shift with 140 dollars, judges earn 110, and Chief Deputy Clerk Leanna Moore doesn’t think that’s enough.

“We just felt the need. We need to be able to pay the poll workers a little bit more for their efforts,” she said.

She claims the position is hard to fill and many workers call in the day of the election.

“In order to get people that really wanna do the job, are interested, and want to do it right you have to pay people,” said Moore.

Today Vigo County Commissioners approved a budget increase that will raise inspector pay to 175 and judge pay to 150 dollars.

Commissioner Judy Anderson is hopeful this pay increase will help fully staff all 21 vote centers.

“A lot of people, they have to give up a lot on that day,” said Anderson. “That’s a long long day. I did it for many years and it’s a long day.”

The County Clerk’s office has budgeted specifically for this pay increase, and no additional appropriations will need to come from the county.

“We’re asking for about a nine thousand dollar increase overall. However since nothing has changed for ten years a lot of the positions that they used to use when it was precincts are no longer used,” said Moore. “So we can absorb those funds and put it where they need to be.”

This increase will not impact poll workers who participate in early voting, as they make 10.20 an hour.

Moore will file the decision with the auditor’s office and by May, poll worker’s in the primaries will have earned the raise.

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