TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Vigo County lost its bellwether status for the first time in more than 60 years.

For the past 16 presidential elections, the county has predicted the eventual winner of the race.

56% of voters in Vigo County voted in favor of President Donald Trump.

With Joe Biden being announced as the President-Elect of the 2020 election, this will be the third time that the county’s prediction was incorrect. The first two incorrect predictions occurred in 1908 and 1952.

Suzy Quick, Collections and Programs Coordinator for the Vigo County Historical Society, said it’s another page in the history book of 2020.

“The history, the facts and the data, that’s what history is. But history is also always evolving. It is written by what happens in our lifetimes now. So from this point forward, we’re writing the history for the future.”