Vigo County Commissioners moving forward with jail site decision in new report to Judge


A report full of key points relating to the progress of the Vigo County jail is on it’s way to Federal Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson.

“It’ll be a reflection that all the appraisals have been received,” said Vigo County attorney Michael Wright. “That those are being studied. That the ownership groups associated with those sites have been contacted.”

The old Thompson’s Honda on 1st Street is split up into two separate parcels, one being valued at 374,800 dollars and the other being 83,200 dollars.

The golf course behind Honey Creek Mall has a value of 596,400 dollars, and the land at 63 and Springhill has an agriculture value of 31,200 dollars.

“We’re going through and doing comparisons on the appraisals on the properties,” said Commissioner Brad Anderson.

Wright says commissioners need to make a final selection on a site very soon, “The county heard her loud and clear when she was on the bench that, you know, she is expecting a decision on the site by the middle of May.”

Anderson says the surveys and tests of each site have already been conducted, the next step is reaching out to property owners.

“Now we’re trying to get in contact with the people to purchase those sites and see whose interested in it,” he said.

The total cost of the new jail is expected to be around 60 million dollars, commissioners need to chose a location by May 1 to be considered by the County Council on May 14.

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