Vigo County Commissioners begin installing trail cams to catch litterbugs


Vigo County Commissioners are in the process of installing trail cams around the county in an effort to catch people who litter or dump large quantities of trash illegally.

More than 2,500 dollars was approved to buy 20 trail cams which will be placed in rural areas and places where the highway department has seen litter.   

Images of those caught on the cameras will be sent to the Sheriff’s Department who will move forward with possible prosecution measures.

“I’m all on board with if we catch people doing this, yeah let’s throw a couple pictures of them doing it on social media,” said Commissioner Brendan Kearns. “If I’m gonna be an illegal dumper and I realize that my picture or a video of me being caught in the act is going to be shared with everybody, just like it would be on the news, that may be quite the deterrent.”

The cams are already being set up in various locations around Vigo County.

Kearns says if any private property owners notice lots of litter and would like a trail cam they should contact commissioners.

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