VIGO CO, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Dozens of city and local leaders packed the Idle Creek Banquet Center on Friday for the first ‘County Update’ by the Vigo County Commissioners.

Brendan Kearns, Chris Switzer and Mike Morris all spoke on several issues in the area including upcoming projects, roadwork, the soon-to-be old County Jail and more.

However, all say Vigo County is headed in the right direction.

Conversations continue what will happen to the current Vigo County Jail building. Assessments are being done to evaluate the structure, roof, plumbing and other critical items.

Once completed, the county will have to decide what to do with the facility, re-invest, tear and re-build, or something else.

“If we wanted to move something like Vigo County CASA, public defenders, or any of those groups closer to the courts I think that’d be ideal. It’s just how much money we want to invest in a building that may not last 10 years. I think we have to learn first and make a decision after,” Switzer said.

One concern is moving Vigo County Dispatch too far away from the signal tower.

Assessments will be submitted back to the County before Memorial Day.

Housing continues to be a trending topic locally.

WTWO’s Shelby Reilly reported the housing market in our area, that link is found below.

While inflation has impacted the market, more development is needed.

“I think we have plenty we can still do such as redevelopment, more economic development or more utilities to locations so people can build houses and it doesn’t cost developers as much money. I think we have enough money to do so,” Switzer added.

Work was delayed on adding a third lane to Springhill Drive due to bids being higher than the original estimated price.

The project has been given the green light, but construction has not begun.

Switzer adds utilities are being moved from that area but roadwork may not begin until next year.

“Things are going well, they’re just taking time,” He stated.