In Farmersburg, local authorities are receiving reports of vehicle break-ins that have occurred over the last three weeks.

Along with the break-ins there have also been a number of smaller non-traceable items stolen. These items were described as things that could be easily transported on foot.

We spoke with the Farmersburg Town Marshal today who said he’s noticed that many of the break-ins have occurred along Main Street and most are happening between midnight and 6 A.M.

He is also working with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office in order to curb the issue and wants people to take precaution so they don’t fall victim to this crime.

“Always lock your vehicles, this isn’t the olden days anymore, it’s not safe to leave your vehicles unlocked. Always lock your garages, always lock your homes, when you’re leaving, when you’re going to bed, that will prevent a lot of these break-ins,” says Farmersburg Town Marshal Cody Strain.

Strain says that there will be an increased police presence in Farmersburg due to the situation. The thefts remain under investigation at this time.

If anyone has any information involving these vehicle break-ins, please contact the Farmersburg Town Marshal’s Office at (812) 230-1996.