VCPL Host’s Survey To Create Blue Print For Strategic Plan


The Vigo County Public Library is currently in the third and final year of its current strategic plan.
As they begin planning for future projects they are asking you to weigh-in with thoughts and suggestions.

The library has introduced a lot of new programs, technologies, and projects over the last three years.
That is all thanks to the previous community survey. 
Now, through the end of this week they are asking you to take ten minutes and tell them what changes you would like to see.

The library is currently working on a strategic plan that will be the blue print for projects from 2019 to 2021.

“So not only are we looking to hear what programs and events do you want at the library, but what else do you want, such as a new entrance. And so we are able to provide those types of things when we get feedback from the community,” says Elizabeth Scamihorn, Vigo County Public Library.

The library already has good feedback from patrons now they want to extend their outreach.

“We really want to talk to those individuals who don’t use the library or who haven’t used the library in many years. We want to connect with them to see how we can serve them better,” says Scamihorn.

Their current plan brought about a large request for an expansion in technology.
Those requests are what prompted Haute Create which has the capability for 3-D printing and large scale poster prints for free.

“You can do anything from little figurines to all the way to actual functional prints that can replace pieces of technology you might use,” says Noah Cacovski, Tech Team Technology Trainer.

The new lab and increase in computers has brought in users from around the county and other surrounding areas.

“Everyone has loved it. The 3D printing classes fill up pretty much every single time we offer them,” says Cacovski,”so they told us they wanted technology, and I think we gave them technology.”

The survey also led to more classes and the addition of a new ramp to make the library more accessible.
“I think a lot of times when people think about the library they immediately think of books and that is absolutely accurate. However, there are so many other resources that are available to individuals,” says Scamihorn.

The library says nothing is off limits. Sometimes if there is a large request that requires more money than what is brought in through tax dollars they have applied for grants to allow them to provide things like the advanced 3-d printer.

The survey is open until Friday, July 21. You can access it by CLICKING HERE.

You can also find a list of classes and resources that the library offers free of charge, HERE.

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