Upgraded Flu Vaccines Hopes To Cut Number Of Severe Cases


Flu season is fast approaching and it is nearing time for people to start getting vaccinated.
After last year’s flu, the CDC is hoping that after some changes they will see improvements in the number of severe cases this year.

Last years flu season was brutal to say the least, but this year the vaccine is said to have better coverage due to some upgraded features.
But to prevent another above average year people need to start taking precautions as soon as possible.

The start of flu season is a matter of weeks away, which means it is time to start scheduling those flu shot appointments.
“It takes two weeks to develop the immunity and so you want to get it, the normal flu season, especially in this area starts in October, peaks in late December, early January, February. But you want to make sure you have your immunity before it comes,” says Pharmacist, Ed Walker.

The CDC is recommending you start flu prevention early.

“So last season we had a pretty bad flu season so of course we just want everyone to make sure they are washing their hands and get vaccinated for this years flu season,” says Roni Rozina, Vigo County Health Department.

Last year’s flu vaccine didn’t see the success they had planned but this year they have made some changes in hopes of preventing another sick year.

“This is the first year where there will not be any trivalent, there will only be quadrivalent which is the four strains, which expands the coverage of the vaccine,” says Walker.

But even with the wider coverage range, officials still aren’t sure of the effectiveness.

“They will take whatever flu they saw the most last year and add that into the flu vaccine for this year so it protects a little more what we have been seeing currently,” says Rozina.

“They have put out what strains they are but they have no evidence as to the strains that are coming so they don’t know the effectiveness at this time,” says Walker.

It is important to remember even if you have been vaccinated you are not immune to taking everyday health precautions.

“Even if the flu vaccine you can still get sick in some form but you won’t get as sick as if you didn’t get the vaccine,” says Rozina.

Early vaccinations are recommended in the end of September, early October to ensure that your immunity will last through the end of flu season.

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