Up in Smoke

The legal age to smoke in Illinois is 18, but there is a bill up for consideration in the legislature that could change that. 
If Senate Bill 3011 passes it will raise the legal age in Illinois from 18 to 21 to purchase all tobacco products. Which includes electronic cigarettes and vaping. 
“Maybe if the age was raise we wouldn’t have so many people starting up if the age was raised a little bit,” said Store Manger, Jim Blunier of County Market. 
The bill was created in hopes to lower the number of young people smoking, which in the long term would reduce state spending of 3 billion dollars in treatment each year for smoking related illnesses. 
In the Land of Lincoln folks are chiming in on how they feel about the bill. 
“People shouldn’t be smoking or using tobacco products for health reasons anyways,” said Robinson Resident, Taren Williamson. 
“it will help a little bit but not much. If they are going to smoke, they are going to smoke,” said Robinson Resident, Nicole Christine. 
If the bill passes stores that sell tobacco products could possibly take a hit. 
“It wouldn’t affect it that much. You still have people who want to quite cigarettes, and it still a healthier alternative,” said Store Owners, Mike and Gail Smolinski. 
Mike and Gail Smolinski own TGI Vaper in Robinson Illinois. They say they would support the bill if it stopped kids from smoking, but they feel uncertain.
“If it really stopped kids from really smoking. I would be behind it. But the kids are going to do it anyway,” said Gail Smolinski.  
Senate bill 3011 was just assigned to Public Heath Committee. So we all will have to wait to see what happens next for Illinois. 

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