United We March


A powerful message filled the streets of Terre Haute as women and men carried signs with hopes of a more united society. 

“It’s nice and exciting to be able to share this with them and the other people who are marching and with the community who sees us and see the message,” Katherine Smith said.  

More than 70 people laced up their shoes for the 7th Annual Women’s Equality Day March. 

The march was not only to honor the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, but to promote equality and inclusion. 

“Even if you are timid and nervous, like I think all of us are definitely, but we all support each other and we are very inclusive,” Stacy Gelletta said. “So I think that even if you are timid or nervous you should just come out anyway.” 

Friends Stacy Gelletta, Katherine Smith and Kate Forness joined the cause in hopes of leading a positive example for their generation. 

“Women are already strong. It’s not changing the way the world proceeds that strength,” Kate Forness said. “So we are all Wonder Women, men, women, old, young. And we just need to show that support and that strength and that comes when we come together.”  

The march started with a pep rally, where participants  heard from women rights leaders that have helped paved the way for them. 

And after a moment of silence, men and women of all ages walked from 9th Street to Dede Plaza on Indiana State’s campus. 

“The march is just very symbolic,” Marsha Miller said. “It puts it out on the street. I mean people are marching for lots of things all of the time, hopefully positive, sometimes not. So it’s kind of a connection to the past that the women were marching.” 

The progress for equality has come a long way but for organizers there is still progress to be made.

Though the crowd was smaller than last year, the overwhelming support was still felt by all. 

The 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment is just two years away and organizers are planning a one of a kind celebration. 

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