Two kittens rescued from a storm drain


TERRE HAUTE, Ind., (WTWO/WAWV)– Two kittens were rescued from a storm drain behind Regional Family Medicine Office.

Amanda Palmer, a nurse at Regional Family Medicine, said she was walking into work when she noticed a kitten with its paws stuck to the drain’s lid.

“We called waste water services and the lady was flabbergasted and sent them straight out. They were the sweetest guys ever. They came and pulled the man hole out and brought him inside and got his paws unstuck,” said Palmer.

Palmer said this is the third time within the last week that they’ve saved a kitten.

“We had another cat on Friday. I went into our garage to start unboxing boxes and I heard a meowing from outside. I went outside and i looked around the air conditioners and I didn’t see anything but I still heard it and in our dumpster was empty. I looked in there and there was a cat’s head peaking out of the one trash bag that was in this humongous dumpster,” Palmer said.

Scott Auler, one of the men that helped rescue the kittens, said many animals are just looking for some place warm.

“They look for a warm spot and they jump down there and it’s warm in there. They get down the drain and the water comes in and flushes them down the actual catch basin. Then they have nowhere to go and so they’re just in there making noise,” said Auler.

All of the kittens found new homes. Palmer said several of her friends and family agreed to take the cats in.

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