From as early second grade Hannah and Holly Buchanan have carried on a friendly

Each wants to excel in the classroom and they do.  In fact, they each have 4.631 g.p.a.which means they are co-valedictorians at Rockville High School.

Principal Dwight Ashley beams with pride when talking about the girls. He says they are the perfect valedictorians to represent Rockville during its 142nd and final year of existence.
You see, next year Rockville will combine with Turkey Run to form Parke-Heritage High School.

“I really couldn’t think of better representatives of Rockville and the community and everything that they do, they’re just incredible students,” said Dwight Ashley, Sr. principal at Rockville H.S.

Hannah is stronger in the sciences.  Holly in the arts and humanities.  Both really enjoy music.  One plays percussion, the other the trombone.  And they love art, et’s rephrase that, they are wonderful artists and they’ve won many awards.

Most of their creations involve wildlife and Native American culture and for good reason. Their dad is part of the Miami Tribe of Indiana and the girls are tremendously proud of the heritage.

“Our dad taught us a lot about patience and staying calm and being postivie and those are really big in Native American culture,” said Hannah Buchanan.

“We look to God for guidance a lot because that’s an important part a central part of the culture, said Holly Buchanan.

They credit both of the parents and family for their successes. And they also have been inspired by Rockville teachers, especially Art teacher Rita Jacks.

“They’re very receptive to new techniques to new learning styles and I’ve shown them different things over the years, said Rita Jacks, art teacher.  You can see where they are willing to incorporate other people’s ideas.”

Since they are co-valedictorians they each will deliver a speech.  So both started writing independently, but then they thought they should share their topics, so they wouldn’t write the same thing.  But, like so often happens, they did have the same topic.