Buses Heading West

Terre Haute - Terre Haute Transportation is undergoing some changes this Summer.

An addition to the North 19th St. route will now include stops in West Terre Haute.

Terre Haute Transit hopes this new addition will promote ridership in the Twelve points area, while increasing safety for citizens in West Terre haute.

"We are looking for riders, it's very important. So people need to ride. And we will monitor it, and in six months we'll take a look at it," said Director of Transportation Debbie Hensley.

This route is under a six month trial basis, but with the support of riders, it could be permanent.

"We will continue, yes. We will keep it on route and continue. And of course just ride, ride, ride" said Hensley.

Citizens of West Terre Haute, like Ray Real, hope that this will put an end to citizens walking over the grade to get into town.

"You see a lot of people still walking the grade over here to get to Terre Haute, and that's kinda dangerous," said Real.

There are no official bus stops, however the busses will stop at pick-up and drop-off locations.

Locations include the library, civic center, and the West Terre Haute IGA

The new route will begin on July 9th.

Maps will be posted on that day at the Terre Haute City Transit office on 8th and Cherry, on the website, and of course on the city busses.

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