Truly a Miracle


A local family is finally resting in their home after a big day and a huge welcome home.

We sat down with the Guess family, to hear their back story.

Where they came from, who they are, and where they are now.

Rebecca Brumfield brings us our top story.

“Oh my gosh,” says Carter, a five-year-old. 

Fart sounds, taking out Darth Vader with Hulk gloves and munching on Cheetos, the average life of a 5-year-old boy.

But Carter’s story is far from normal.

Let’s start from the beginning, before Carter was even born.

“We were newly married and we played darts like that was our life,” says Jessica Guess, Carter’s mom.

For a newly married couple, starting a family was something they wanted to do, together.

“After having some tests done they said I wasn’t going to be able to have any children again,” says Jessica. 

But shortly after that test, Jessica and John got pregnant and soon began expecting a little boy.

“He was our miracle from the beginning,” says Jessica. 

And a miracle he still is today, because a week after his fourth birthday “We went to the hospital on a Monday, got the testing done, and then we went on Wednesday for the follow up,” says Jessica. 

And that’s when John and Jessica learned Carter, had stage four Neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer only found in children.

Hospitals in Indy and Cincinnati became the center of Carter’s world.

He endured five rounds of extreme chemo, had surgeries, transplants, blood transfusions, even spent some holidays, like Easter, in a hotel waiting for a room to open at the Ronald McDonald house.

Carter was prepped for a 12 to 18 hour surgery to remove the cancer mass from his body, but just four hours later, surgeons emerged with news.

“If he would have got 70% he would have considered that really good,” says John.

“He got 95%,” says Jessica. “And the miraculous part after I think about how much of a miracle he is-“

“Mom, why you crying?” asks Carter. 

“Cause I’m happy,” says Jessica.
“Why?” asks Carter.

“Cause you’re so awesome” his mom replies. 

On Thursday, doctor’s said Carter has “no evidence of cancer” in his latest tests and was released to return home.

And when they did Carter had a hay day.

“[He was] and just playing with everything that he’s never seen or feels like he’s never seen,” says Jessica. “It was like Christmas again.”

Although it’s not Christmas, it sure does feel like a Christmas miracle to the Guess family.

“Yeah no problem, I’m a warrior,” says Carter. 

Carter spent 520 days battling cancer.

And he got a special welcome home on Saturday, but take a look at this video.

He got another welcome home treat today from his best friend “Chloe” the family dog.

Jessica’s friend kept the dog while they spent their days in the hospital.

Truly a great weekend for the Guess family and welcome home.

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