Tribute for Birch Bayh held at Veteran’s Plaza


A tribute was held at the Veterns Plaza today to honor Birch Bayh.

He was a Vigo County native who served three terms in the United States Senate and is known to be the father of Title IX.
Bayh is also known for writing the 25th amendment which addresses presidential disability and succession. He also wrote the 26th amendment which lowered the voting age to 18.

Those in attendence were able to listen to close friends of Bayh who talked about his achievements and fond memories about the late senator.

John Gregg, formerspeaker of the Indiana House of Representatives said,” 18-year-old the right to vote? You used to have to be 21, that’s Birch Bayh. You know the next time you load up and go to your girls softball game; that’s Birch Bayh. These are lasting and those are legacies. We need to remember that it wasn’t always like that and we need to keep remembering to fight for other people to have equality and to treat people fair and with justice and humanly.”

There will be a statewide tribute for Bayh in Indianapolis on May 1st.

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