Training at the Course to Keep You Safe


As time evolves so does crime, but officers do as well. 

This week, the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department has been busy training for new scenarios they may see out in the field. 

They train frequently so that they can continue to keep us safe. 

Sheriff deputies and higher ranking officers all worked together to better themselves. 

Over the past year, the department has been looking at trends in their accident reports and at what calls they’ve been getting. 

From that data, they plan what their most recent training will entail. 

“Our training staff will review our crash record from the year,” says Chief Deputy John Moats. “Sometimes guys have fender benders backing out of a spot or maybe pulling in to a certain parking spot. So we take a look at that and see what the trends are and then our staff will then adapt our training to meet those trends.”

An officer has a split second to make a decision. 

Deputies geared up for a traffic stop scenario, which turned out to be a potentially lethal one. 

I was able to get in on the training for the cone course. 

And I had to maneuver my way through a winding twisting course. 

While it may seem like a fun time, deputies take this training seriously as they are just preparing to save a life. 

“Training for all agencies, evolves,” says Chief Deputy Moats. “Each year, they take all these situations that have occurred during the year and they review them. And training is always evolving. So that’s why we do it constantly. Year after year after year. Month after month. Because it’s evolving so much we want to stay on top of everything.”

Chief Deputy Moats also tells WTWO that trainings like this give a practical side to what they see on duty.

It’s not always about a high speed chase or a drug bust. 

Sometimes it is about driving through confined areas to reach a suspect. 

They practice their tactics to keep the public safe, the officers safe, and even the suspect safe. 

The Vigo County Sheriff’s Department trains multiple times a year. 

They utilize various places around the Valley to get different experiences behind the wheel. 

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