A candidate for U.S. Senator made a stop in Terre Haute today.

Congressman Todd Young a long with Iowa senator Joni Ernst stopped by Terre Haute launch this morning.

They were there to see the work Terre Haute Launch is doing with young business leaders and share their thoughts and experiences. They spoke with several small business owners.

Young also took some of that time to further his campaign and explain his plans as a potential US Senator.

“Were trying to bring some visibility to how jobs are created in the 21st century. Also let people know that I’ll be showing up consistently in places like Terre Haute, Indiana to help create more jobs that pay higher wages, and lead to meaningful careers in Terre Haute. What better place to do it than Launch Terre Haute. And incubator that helps small businesses turn into large businesses,” said Young.

After his stop in Terre Haute Congressman Young and Senator Ernst are headed to Indianapolis for another event.