Toad Hop Residents Rejoice Over 48-Hour Transformation


The approach of “all hands on deck” has sure paid off for the small community of Toad Hop, which is just outside of West Terre Haute.

Just two days ago, the community battled against a crack in a flap like system with their levee.

Our Rebecca Brumfield is continuing to follow their developments.

The water is up to sand bags in front of homes, driveways are fully submerged and yards are covered in two feet of water.

Fast forward 48 hours and the change is drastic.

“This is where water was flowing over the road…into the Wilkinson’s yard,” says Amy Sons. “And of course, their yard was completely full. And as you can see now it’s pretty dry.”

Two dogs even sat on a picnic table on Friday to stay away from the water.

“They are very happy to be running around and not be in a cage and up on a  picnic table,” says Sons. 

It’s amazing what a two days can do.

“Well the water was up high here,” says Sons. “My garden was floating…all the wood in it was floating. My driveway was full. And it’s now down and we’re able to drive through it.” 

It’s dried up just enough to let the neighborhood kids gather to jump on the trampoline and for other neighbors to mow their grass.

Amy Sons, her husband and many other residents of Toad Hop rallied together on Saturday to fix the flap by the levee.

That flap is just barely visible.

Now, Amy is setting her sights on finding a permanent fix to their problem.

“We as a community are looking to buy an industrial pump for later, you know, in case we need it,” says Sons. “We’re all going to pool money together and try to do that.”

She and her neighbors are also working on a plan to keep that flap system clean and clear of any debris.

The walk to that flap is through a small path by the levee, but Amy Sons is confident in her community to make something positive come out of this almost devastating issue.

Sons also plans to attend a county commissioners meeting this month to start a conversation about their situation.

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