The crowd of more than 700 munched and mingled at the 10th Annual Bolin Enterprises Pancake Breakfast.

“It’s just kind of a great social event to be able to give back and catch up with people that you haven’t see for a while and it’s evolved into a community get together, visit and eat some pancakes,” Jim Bolin said.  
But this year the breakfast dished out more than just pancakes and sausage, the event also gave folks the chance to view the  “little” thing in the corner. 

“Yeah, it’s kind of crazy,” Troy Bolin said. “I didn’t think tiny homes were that popular until I built one.” 

Troy Bolin started designing the tiny home years ago for his daughter Mollie. 

But it wasn’t until she signed up for HGTV’s Tiny Home Big Living that the plans were put into motion,. 

“It’s pretty compact but it’s pretty breathable, moveable,” Troy Bolin said. “You’re not crammed. You actually live in an apartment or something.” 

The 360 square foot home is equipped with everything you’d expect to find in a house.

A working fireplace in the living room greets guest, all just feet away from the fully stocked kitchen and only a stair climb away to the bedroom.

This space is personalities with a hand painted mural above the bed, the couch turns into bunk beds and a tunnel that leads from the guinea pig’s cage to a sunroom located outside trailer. 

And peoples’ reactions were anything but small.

It took Bolin and a group of workers 12 weeks and 30 thousand dollars to build.

And at the push of a button the slide outs move in and the home is ready to move. 

“We love creating,” Troy Bolin said. “We love thinking out of the box and making something a little different and I guess that’s the challenge. And when you have a that challenge it brings all your talents out.” 

Talents that have made this house a home. 

The little house won’t be staying in Casey for long. 
This spring the house will be moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
But if you didn’t get a chance to see it up close and personal.
The episode of Tiny Home Big Living will premiere on  HGTV next month.
The next big thing to hit Casey.
The world’s largest gavel and teeter totter, which is set to go on display this summer.