It’s a case that doesn’t get much rest, but after four years with no suspects in custody, concern to see it solved grows.

Today marks the four year anniversary of the murder of 85 year old Lowell Badger. The case is still an active investigation.

Indiana State Police and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department are asking the community for any tips related to this case. And they will exhaust the information they receive. Sheriff Clark Cottom today who says just this week investigation crews have gone out and collected items of interest.

Lowell Badger’s file at the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department might be four years old, but there’s been no time for it to gather dust.

“There is not a week that goes by that we are not physically doing something, following up on something, talking to this person, talking to that person,” Sheriff Cottom said.

The 85 year old Sullivan farmer was found dead in his rural home with a gun shot wound. A safe and a 46 inch Sony television were among the items stolen from Badger’s home, where he lived alone.

 Indiana State Police are heading up the active investigation working alongside the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department. Tips from the community are vital to solving Lowell’s death.

“We’ve received tips as late as this week,” Sheriff Cottom said.

Last month investigation crews were out at a Sullivan County pond searching for items stolen from the home.

With the holidays just around the corner, you can imagine the unsolved case weighs heavily on the Badger family.

“You want to celebrate the holidays but you’d like to have closure, and I know here recently we’ve had several cases closed and you just wish the same thing for our own case,” Lowell’s daughter-in-law Audrey Badger said.   

Known and loved in the tight knit Sullivan community, Badger is remembered as a gentle and kind man. The family is not giving up hope that his killer will be found.

“I’m hoping maybe some of that’s weighing on their mind and they’re hoping to act upon it and do the right thing,” Badger said.

“This man did not deserve to die this way and this case does not deserve to go cold,” Cottom said.

I asked Sheriff Cottom today if the case being unsolved for four years is likely to decrease chances of it being solved, he told me he’s worked homicide cases before that’ve taken a while, relationships and circumstances could change in which someone might feel safer coming forward with information.

Sheriff Cottom says it’s unlikely that whoever committed the crime is passing through from state to state. It’s likely the suspect is in the Sullivan community. There is a $30,000 reward for someone with information that leads to an arrest.