Third gender option available for Indiana ID’s and drivers licenses


Instead of just an “M” for male or “F” for female, there’s now the option to put an “X” on your license, and this is for those who don’t identify themselves exclusively as male or female.

“For someone who is non-binary, they’re not male or they don’t identify as male or female. So they’re actually able to kind of embody both of them,” said Rei Blaylock, ISU LGBTQ Center grad assistant.

Indiana has become one of eight states that now offer a non-binary gender option on their state ID’s and licenses. Blaylock says she believes this is progress for a group of people who have been misunderstood for so long.

“I think it’s a big step for Indiana, especially when it comes to accurate representation and actually having non-binary people, especially students actually being recognized,” Blaylock said.

According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, the letter “X” will now be placed on licenses of those who identify as non-binary. Breanna Pierce, the coordinator of Sycamore Safe Zone, a group that aims to create friendships with the LGBTQ community, says she works with many who identify as non-binary and this new identification on their license could help them with every day interactions.

“Police officers or anything, they can see the X on their license and think ‘Okay I need to use they, them, their pronouns.’ Instead of a pronoun that they just assume that this person identifies with,” Pierce said.

Pierce says she has seen negative backlash to this decision but she is still happy that non-binary people are getting a voice.

“If they don’t identify as non-binary, good for them, but people who do identify as non-binary, they finally have a platform to say so,” Pierce said.

To be eligible for the non-binary gender license you must have an amended birth certificate, or a doctor must say that you’ve permanently changed your gender.

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