THHS helps animals overcome medical issues


It was a significant medical year at the Terre Haute Humane Society.

Cain is a big dog with a big heart, but he was found without a home. As a stray, he suffered some medical issues.

“He came in with cherry eye. He did have ring worm and everything. He was underweight. He has some genetic disorders in his feet area from being bred,” says medical staff Jennifer Ewing.

Cain has been receiving medical treatments and a lot of love from shelter staff and volunteers who find this dog just wants to have fun.

“He likes to play tug of war. He loves to high five,” says Ewing.

With improved health and a new lease on life, Cain’s ready to bring someone lots of joy.

“He’s a big goofball,” Ewing adds.

Another dog at the shelter that’s made significant medical strides is Farris.

He was brought to the shelter from a hoarding situation. While his physical condition appeared fine at first, shelter staff later learned he had a bacterial infection called leptospirosis.

“A lot of the time, it will be picked up through drinking stagnant water, from drinking out of puddles or ponds,” says Interim GM Sarah Valentine.

Farris underwent several weeks of treatment, which included two antibiotics and special food for his kidneys.

“After about six weeks he was cleared and ready to go back on the adoption floor,” says Valentine.

Farris is eagerly waiting to find his forever home. He has chronic kidney disease from his bout with leptospirosis.

Shelter staff say he’s very cute and has a sweet personality. He’s best suited for someone who is an experienced pet owner and doesn’t have other dogs.

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