Garrett Sands’ mother Jayna Sullivan promoted the Indiana Donor Network Saturday morning at the Indiana State Homecoming Parade.

Friends and family handed out flowers with Kindness Cards attached, as well as holding signs stating ‘Garrett’s last act of kindness’.

Sands was shot and killed last spring, since the tragedy Sullivan has made it her mission to carry on the kind habits and kind nature of her son.

Sands final act of kindness, is donation.

“They told me Garrett’s donations would help up to 450 people and that’s not even including vital organs. Because unfortunately, and I think it’s very sad for him, because he wanted to be a donor of those as well if anything happened. But considering how he was killed, he was not able to donate those,” said Sullivan.

Sands was unable to donate vital organs such as his heart and lungs, however he was able to donate his bones, corneas, and skin.

Sullivan has been keeping in contact with the Indiana Donor Network and she is anxious to meet those who have and will benefit from Sands kindness, “I could communicate with others, like say who got his pelvis. I didn’t even know that you could donate that. And so to me that’s a part of my son and I would like to know if they were willing to communicate with me. I would love to communicate with anybody who we could track down that got parts of my son, gifts that he gave”.