The Road To Forgiveness


Two high school students hosted a forgiveness walk as a school project at St. Mary of the Woods.
The walk was centered around learning how to let go and forgive those who have wronged us.

“People actually had time to reflect on their own lives so then they kind of had more of a feeling of forgiveness within them before they actually heard Eva speak about it,” Annika Sontag, Forgiveness Walk Co-founder.

Leading the pack was Holocaust survivor, Eva Kor. 
She lead the group along the walk where they came about different talking points, famous quotes from leaders in forgiveness advocacy.

“Eva Kor is one of few Holocaust survivors who has the message of forgiveness and  it was amazing that she chose to forgive those who persecuted her. I really feel like it is a great opportunity for us to showcase her message of forgiveness.” Kate Grabowski, Forgiveness Walk Co-founder

Eva shared her story and how she has managed to forgive what some consider the unforgivable.
She says if she can do it, anyone can.

“It is not complicated. You take a piece of paper and start writing a letter. Work through all of your pain. At the end of the letter you must have the goal that you write, and feel, the words, “I forgive you.”,” said Kor.

She calls it, a fool-proof formula.
She considers forgiveness a power that everyone posses, no matter their circumstance.

“No one could take it away from me, no one could give it to me, it was mine to use it, the power that I had to forgive,” said Kor.

Eva’s views on forgiveness are inspiring to many, but to other Holocaust survivors, she says that her ideals of forgiveness have been called offensive in the past.
But she believes the power of forgiveness  is the power to set yourself free from a troubling experience.

“I demand to have the human right to be happy, and I don’t feel guilty about being happy,” said Kor.

Eva plans to continue her advocacy and spread her message throughout the world in hopes that others can free themselves the way she has.

As for Annika and Kate, they hope to make the walk an annual event, even after the project is over.

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Eva Mozes Kor

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