The Proactive Approach


Spring is just nine days away, but we’re seeing the potential for snow in the forecast.

You may have noticed salt trucks out and about in Vigo County today. That’s not out of the ordinary when snow is in the forecast.

And right now, the country can be a little more proactive in pre-treating the roads because of the mild winter we’ve seen so far.

“I think it’s good because there are, like I said, a lot of accidents that could happen so I think it’s good to have that backup.”

And that back up is around 20,000 tons of unused salt.

“We’re concerned about the safety. And uh, this time of year the weather is so unpredictable.”

The Vigo County Highway Department still has salt left over from its 2016 contract.

And as far as the 2017 contract goes…

“We’ve got quite a bit of salt left, we ordered the minimum of what we thought we could get by with through 2018,” said Superintendent of Vigo County Highway Department Dan Bennett.

And that minimum is jsut around 2,000 tons of salt, with the county having the capacity to store 24,000 tons. But no matter how much is stored, it will all get used eventually.

“Each storm is an individual creature. And uh, as the things progress we adapt to it. A two inch storm takes about as much material as a ten inch storm.”

And, citizens seem to appreciate how the highway department is managing its surplus.

“With me going to school, cause I’m still in high school, I don’t like getting up in the morning and there being ice on the ground so I’m glad that they’re treating it,” said citizen Sierra Grindle.

As far as the budget goes for the county, Dan Bennett tells me that the money stays in that particular account.

They’ll use it if need be, otherwise it stays put until its needed.

The buildings which hold salt can only contain about 12,000 tons.

Both of those are full. So Vigo County’s salt surplus will be stored outside, under tarps.


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