The Importance of Informed Voting


When it comes to voting, getting people to the polls is half the battle.

“I feel it’s a privilege to be able to vote, and a lot of people don’t exercise that right, and I think it’s a shame,” said Vigo County resident Darrell Bemis. 

The other half of that battle is making sure voters are informed.

“I don’t think a lot of people don’t have a clue about who they’re voting for or the issues, but they’re there and they’re thinking oh I better vote for something,” said Bemis. 

Voters can stay informed by doing research on different races, attending meetings in relation to local issues, and being involved in the local community.

“My thing is if you don’t go to the meetings and you don’t go to those things and don’t get involved, you have to get involved, and if you don’t get involved, what’s your word good for?” said Vigo County resident Ozella Sweatt. 

Voters should also remember that ballots don’t only contain races between political candidates, but also questions about referendums and even amendments to the Indiana Constitution.  

“They have things on the ballot, I noticed, that I would say a large percentage of people don’t realize,” said Sweatt. 

Informed voters can avoid making choices that may not actually represent their political values.

“It’s kinda just the basis, you never wanna take a shot in the dark, you always wanna know what’s going on, because obviously who you vote for, every vote matters, in the end,” said ISU sophomore Noath Murrmann. 

Knowing the ballot, and the impact of each and every choice on it, allows voters to see the importance of their trip to the polls.

“Read it closely, and vote, vote, I don’t care if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, just vote,” said Sweatt. 

The midterm elections take place on Tuesday, November 6th. 

Some of the hot-button issues Vigo County voters say they’re voting based on include the placement and funding of the new Vigo County jail, Vigo County School Corporation funding, and the construction and improvement of roads and overpasses. 

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