The Golden Hour


Dave Kirsch is like many other 64-year-olds.

He enjoys his work and spending time with his family..

But his life almost came to an abrupt end.
Dave Kirsch, “I started having discomfort in my chest and it progressed to pretty intense discomfort in my jaw and my left side started hurting.”

Thinking he was dehydrated, Dave went to Paris Community Hospital’s emergency room.

While there, he had what’s often referred to as a “widow maker heart attack.”

The type of heart attack few people survive.

Dave Kirsch, “I thought I had taken a nap. Literally thought I had fell asleep.”

Little did he know quick work by the hospital’s staff that included vigorous CPR and  two electronic shocks saved him.
Dave Kirsch, “I was very fortunate. I was around the right people.”
The Director of Critical Care Services at Paris Community Hospital says being able to save patients like Dave makes her job all the more worthwhile.

Samantha McCarty, “That is why we are here. That’s what keeps us going everyday are those success stories.”
But she reminds all of us, not to wait to get treatment if we’re feeling badly.
Samantha McCarty, ” Stroke, heart attacks even such things as severe infection or sepsis. There are many things that can be done, but time is of the essence.”

As for Dave, he’s doing great. Dave eventually received a stent in the artery that had 100 percent blockage and returned to work a few weeks later.

He now participates in the cardiac rehab program at the hospital and enjoys a healthier lifestyle.
Dave Kirsch, “I haven’s felt this good in years.”

And Dave knows his decision to go the emergency room is ultimately why he’s here today

Dave has no family history of heart problems.

Dave’s heart attack was most likely due to his lifestyle choices, what he ate and the fact he smoked for some 48 years. He has since kicked the smoking habit.   

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