When immigrants come to the United States, it’s hard for them to become accustomed to the new culture.

And sometimes it’s even harder to find a home.

But for immigrants who follow the Free Methodist Church, they understand that home is where their people are.

Immigrants from fourteen states were welcomed with open arms by folks at the Wabash Park and Camp Retreat Center in Clay City.

John Lane, the superintendent of Wabash Conference, is using this Midwestern conference to expand minds and hearts, “These are immigrants from the Congo and Burundi that are now living here in the United States and that are a part of our churches. And so we’re just gathering them together for a time of celebration and praise”.

The gathering of like-minded souls and differing cultures has brought home a sense of peace for Pastor Kenny Martin, “It’s just a blessing to be able to connect back with my heritage. And uh, as I stated before I lost my language through slavery. But I did not lose my love for Africa”.

Over three hundred people from all over the United States and Africa attended the event, which couldn’t have been held at a better time.

“In a world that is so divided and so fearful, and so often in conflict with each other. It’s a very special and I think in fact miraculous thing to be together in Christ,” said Bishop David Kendall.