That’s a (Debate) Wrap

The first, second and now third presidential debates are officially in the books.
Now, polling centers are seeing voters with a more concrete selection. 
A common theme Thursday was that most people labeled last night’s debate as quote on quote, funny. 
But, all jokes aside, casting your vote is as serious as ever. 
The final debate solidified choices and potentially swayed undecided voters.
“The debate was kinda funny,” says Darrell Shouse, a local voter. “I’ve never a debate like that before in my life.”
A “that’s funny” theme carries throughout the reaction from local voters. 
For local Republican chair, Randall Gentry, casting his ballot went fairly smoothly. 
“It’s an honor to be able to participate in this,” says Gentry. “There’s countries that you don’t get this opportunity so, it’s kind of an important thing to get out and pick people that you want to guide the future.” 
Although numbers from the 2008 election for the first seven days had 2,331 total votes cast, by the end of business hours Thursday, the numbers came in at 1,930. 
Even though the turn out is lower than in 2008, for some, they’re voting because they know who their vote is for. 
“No, it, it didn’t really matter if I would have watched it or not,” says Susan Verdeyen, a local voter. “I knew who I was going to vote for so.” 
Whether you know who you’re voting for, or are looking for last minute validation, the time frame to cast your vote is slowly closing. 
“And if you do vote, you can say something about it, you know, and I think it’s your right,” says Shouse.
Thursday at the court house, the lines weren’t too terribly bad.
So if you haven’t voted yet, or maybe don’t have your mind made up, there’s still time to get to the polls. 
While early voting is underway in Indiana, election day itself is on Tuesday, November 8th

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