TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — There’s a lot of activity on the east side of Terre Haute, including many veterans visiting the V.A. Clinic. The facility opened in December 2021, and because so many vets use it, the clinic is expanding some of its services.

Air Force veteran Kenneth Mershon of Terre Haute receives medical care at the V.A. clinic.
He has hearing loss and usually visits the audiology department, However, on this day, he’s
receiving treatment for a twisted ankle. Before the new clinic opened, he sometimes had to
drive to Indianapolis for help, but not anymore.

“It’s really been a lifesaver not having to go to Indy and fight all that traffic, said Kenneth Mershon.

When the clinic opened in 2021, it provided primary care, mental health, audiology, optometry
and more. But because thousands of vets use the facility, there are plans to expand primary
care, optometry and audiology.

“Audiology supervisor “to able to get hearing services which are so needed with our veterans that have been exposed to loud noise, we offer them some amazing technology and some of the top of the line hearing aids,” said Kelly Garner, audiology supervisor.

Acting site manager Carrie Williams says besides the services, the staff strives to establish
personal connections with the veterans.

“I have one that comes in all the time, love him, and he always asks for me, said Williams.
Some of our front office staff know a lot of the veterans by name and have a really neat and
interesting connection with them.”

That kind of friendly treatment appeals to Ted and Earlene Olson. He is a Navy veteran who
served on a ship in the Gulf of Tonkin during Vietnam. Having a nice clinic, close to home, is helpful

“I think everybody was happy, it’s a bigger clinic and they have more services,” said Ted Olson.

“Its been a very good experience, the doctors are very nice and they seem to know what
they’re doing,” said Earlene Olson.

Mr. Mershon echoes that reaction and he’s so glad that veterans have a such a nice facility to

“It’s like a hometown, they’re from this area too, 17 I couldn’t believe how good this place was
it’s a nice facility,” said Mershon.

Since it opened, there have been over 2 thousand appointments with just the audiology department. Also, the clinic doesn’t have emergency services, but it does have urgent care. And if you’re a veteran, seeking care, just stop by the clinic or give the facility a call.