Terre Haute Native Reacts to Shooting

For students at Pepperdine University and surrounding areas college night at Borderline Bar and Grill was known as a time for fun and friends. Wednesday night, that unfortunately changed for many.

"It was kind of a big deal that it was going to be a fun western dance night," says Roarke Matchett, Pepperdine University student.

Roarke Matchett, a former Terre Haute South student, and current student at Pepperdine University, stayed up late Wednesday night when she heard the news that shots had been fired just twenty minutes away from her school.

"Around two in the morning, somebody who is a resident director at Pepperdine walked upstairs and asked me if I was awake anxious about the news and I hadn't heard anything yet," said Matchett.

The location of the shooting was the Borderline Bar and Grill where several of Matchett's friends had gone for a night out.

"My heart started beating really fast and i was just so nervous because they had told me some people from Pepperdine were accounted for, but not everybody was accounted for," says Matchett.

The news of a shooting so close to Pepperdine University affected not only students but also loved ones, including Matchett's boyfriend.

"Obviously scared, she was texting me so i knew that she was alright," Carson Thrift, Rose-Hulman student.

Although his girlfriend is safe, Carson Thrift has the tragedy on his mind. "We see these things in movies and we see these things all the time and we do think that we're removed from it, that we're kind of in these little bubbles and it can't happen to us. But last night was definitely proof that it can."

Matchett says all of her friends have since been accounted for and her thoughts and prayers are with all who were injured and killed.

Besides state offices, Governor Holcomb is asking all residents and businesses in the state of Indiana to lower their flags to half staff until sunset this Saturday.


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