Terre Haute Couple Welcomes First Vigo County Baby In 2018


The new year is a time for new beginnings and a Wabash Valley couple knows that all too well.
At 3:21 Monday morning they became parents to a 7 pounds 7 ounce baby boy.
He made his grand entrance at Terre Haute Regional Hospital and was the first baby born in Vigo County.

Zane Patrick McBroom is a special baby for many reasons.The first being, he was the first baby born in the Vigo County in 2018, he is also the first boy born into his mom’s side of the family in 42 years,  and as if that wasn’t enough, Monday was the first time his doctor had ever delivered a New Year’s baby.
To say his parents are starting off the new year with a bang, would be an understatement.

Zane McBroom wasn’t due to arrive until January 16th so his parents weren’t planning on a very eventful New Year’s Eve, but their plans for a calm night in took a quick turn.

“It started Friday but we didn’t come in until yesterday just because I wasn’t sure if I was in labor, so I was just kind of waiting. Then I came in and they said I was,” says Candi Cusick, Zane’s Mom.

Candi Cusick labored for about 16 hours in the hospital before baby Zane made his arrival, but his parents didn’t know they would be having the first Vigo County baby in 2018.

“I was just happy that he was coming,” said Cusick.

“A little bit of everything I think, nervous, excited, all balled up into one,” says Ryan McBroom, Zane’s Dad.

This is the couples first child and also Dr. Hina’s first New Year’s baby.

“This is my first baby of the new year so that is what makes it much more exciting, that we had our first baby in Wabash Valley at the Terre Haute Regional Hospital,” says Dr. Fatima Hina, OBGYN.

Though Dr. Hina is happy to have delivered a new years baby, she says you can’t plan things like this.

“We can’t rush these things. You just have to give baby and mom time and when baby is ready, baby will come,” says Dr. Hina.

Being born on a holiday has its ups and downs, but baby Zane’s parents think it will only make the day even more special.

“I think he will love it. He will always have something to remember, he was the first baby born in 2018 and it is something he will cherish I think,” says McBroom.

Though having a baby sure isn’t the typical New Year’s celebration for most,  Dr. Hina says what more could you wish for, “we have a healthy mom and a healthy baby and first baby of the new year. Best way to ring in the new year, with a new baby.”

The couple is excited to start the new year with their new little family.

Baby Zane wasn’t the only New Year’s Day baby in the Wabash Valley. Sullivan County Community Hospital had a New Year’s baby girl arrive at 1:59 A.M. Union Hospital in Terre Haute had their first baby of the day arrive at 10:30 in the morning and Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes had a little girl arrive at 4:01 in the afternoon.

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