TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — On a rainy Friday afternoon, the final touches of the Terre Haute Convention Center were being finalized.

General Manager, Tennille Wanner, said as of Friday, five events have been confirmed at the location.

These include multiple private celebrations, the Professional Fire Fighters Union of Indiana and Swope Arts Museum’s 80th anniversary.

“Construction continues to be ahead of schedule. Things are really looking great,” Wanner said.

She adds the Convention Center’s management team will focus on planning and advertising to secure more events.

Pending COVID-19 protocols, the center would like to host upwards of 100 events in its first year.

“That was one of our goals in a partial year. We just have to wait and see,” She added. “We want every event to be an experience for whoever visits,”

The crowds at each event would vary from a few people to hundreds, pending on the event.

“It’ll create more dining opportunities downtown, it just drives the tourism. I think as things progress, I hope that the downtown to grow and flourish,” Wanner stated.

The Convention Center’s opening date is tentatively scheduled for April 9, 2022.