Terre Haute City Update


 Duke Bennett says “They all have concerns about infrastructure and public safety and how’s Terre Haute doing and how’s it affect my business. I always try to focus on those things to let them know what’s coming down the road.”

The mayor and chamber of commerce are hopeful some of those things potentially coming down the road will bring more business to a growing Terre Haute. And it all starts with an open conversation.

David Haynes says “I think the sense of collaboration, the government has with our chamber and the opportunities we can put people in a room and talk about regional cities, or Hulman Center or River Scape there’s just so much to be gained with open communication.”

And the Hulman Center renovation was a big topic of conversation today for the mayor and the chamber.

Duke Bennett says “The Hulman Center will have a huge positive impact on businesses, as well as our assessment value.”

Also of note, the mayor talked about his proposal for a trash fee. Some folks have opposed the fee in belief that it should be covered by the property tax, but that is no longer the case in Terre Haute.

Duke Bennett says “A lot of people say I thought I was paying for that with my property taxes, but the reality is we have a 33 million dollar general fund budget, it’s mostly all of our employees and the trash budget, that makes 92 to 94 percent of our annual budget and so when you take away 12 million dollars of that budget, you have to find a way to make something up there.”

Folks in the crowd had some questions but ultimately both parties agreed that being candid with one another is what will push the city to the next level everyone is trying to reach.

Duke Bennett says “It is what it is, there is no need to fluff and talk about all the wonderful things if that’s not what’s going on, these businesses want to invest they want to expand they want to grow their customer base, and they want to be successful obviously, and of course everybody that works for them have an vested interest in the success, so they can come to this and find out how is the growth of Terre Haute or not going to affect my business.”

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