Terre Haute City officials developing free recycling program


Mayor Duke Bennett wants a greener Terre Haute.

And a parternship with the city, Republic Services, and the Vigo County Solid Waste Management District could have residents recycling very soon.   

“I want to do more recycling,” Mayor Bennett told WTWO on Friday. “And so if people aren’t going to pay for that I’m trying to find way to help within the city’s perspective to provide some free recycling.”

For those who recycle with Republic, you’re allowed one trash and one recycling bin.

But according to residents like Beth Cohen, the cost of Republic outweights the benefit.

“It just wasn’t cost effective so we decided to start utilizing local resources,” said Cohen.

Cohen currently brings all her items to a single stream recycling program at the Solid Waste Management District, “I take everything in a bag, dump it in,” she said. “There’s no sorting at that location, ISU you do need to sort.”

However, a recycling partnership with Republic, might make her re-consider subscribing to the service.

“Republic services will pick that up and take it to the recycling center in Indianapolis to be recycled,” said Mayor Bennett. “And so there will be no cost to the taxpayers for this.”

Terre Haute will house several monitored locations for residents to drop off their items, so long as there’s no glass in the mix.

At the Cohen household, very littel trash makes it to the curb and the rest goes to recycling.

“On average we have one maybe two bags of trash per week,” she said. “If we’re not recycling and I’m putting all of that into the garbage, it’s about five bags a week.”

Mayor Bennett will be announcing more details on this recycling plan during a press conference in the near future.

If this partnership takes off, we coulds see more blue bins and less black bags on the streets.

“So if we all take a step to reduce that, whether it’s through recycling efforts or repurposing efforts then I think Vigo County would look much better,” said Cohen.

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